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How Do You Know You've Met the One?

How do you know you've met the one--your Twin Soul or Twin Flame?

You experience a sense of freedom and exhilaration, like feeling the wind—its magic against your skin—for the first time in your life.

Things slow down. Your senses sharpen. Everything becomes more vivid, more alive. You become alert to every nuance of sight, scent, and sound around you.

Then, everything feels right. You feel right. In Twin Soul love, you feel secure, because you start to understand that it belongs to you; that you can't lose it—that it can be shared over oceans or even between the veil. 

How do you know you've met "the one?"

You know because your soul is pulled to "the place" where it belongs.

Blessings and love,



Sometimes all you need to do is change your shoes...


Recently, two friends of mine got upset over two similar experiences. They were both slighted in social (group) situations. One was ignored; the other impatiently brushed off. And, in each case, their feelings were hurt. Two separate people, two completely different situations, but both instances resulted in the same disappointment.

This may sound like over sensitive behavior, but the truth is, sometimes, small things hurt. However, they're not always intentional. We're all human. People make mistakes, which is why, as I told my friends, in my opinion, oftentimes the best thing to do under such circumstances is nothing.

Brush it off.

It's happened to me too, and I've found it best to just separate myself from the experience. "Go home and change your shoes," is what I say to myself. These words belonged to another dear friend of mine. Sadly, he's no longer with us, but, as far as I'm concerned, his advice still stands:

"Put on something comfy and get yourself outside. Weather permitting, go for a nice long walk. Don't think about what happened. Instead, take in the outdoors. Focus on the changing colors of the trees, walk through the leaves, embrace the crispness of the air. Then, when you're all walked out, sit somewhere quiet, close your eyes and breathe. Breathe yourself back to remembering just how beautiful life can be."

Blessings and love,



Coming Closer to Yourself -- True Love and the Authentic Self

Your divine mate already exists. When you get to the place in yourself that is peaceful divine love, your true mate will be revealed. --Iyanla Vanzant 

Finding and coming from your authentic place--your authentic self--holds the key to bringing lasting love into your life.

It's never about not feeling whole first. It's never about looking toward another to heal you or complete you.

It is about evolving into a complete individual and then sharing your wholeness with another precious soul who has likely traveled a similar road.

Perhaps, at certain points in your lives, you both questioned what it means to fit in. Or, maybe, you hesitated, or didn't yet know how, to be yourselves.

You may have looked to numbing distractions to help you. You may have taken painful or dangerous turns.

Your roads may have been arduous; but, ultimately, they brought you to the same destination, because you now feel beautiful in your skin. You are proud in your purpose. You know how to connect to your soul. You know what it is to truly feel whole—and you know how to find each other.

Blessings and love,




Signs come to you at unexpected times and, sometimes, from unlikely sources. They won't mean the same thing to everyone, nor will they always mean something to you. But, when they do, the truth of what they represent will be very clear. 

Signs are personal. You won't find their true meaning via the Internet or through any source other than your heart and soul. What number sequences and other signs convey to us is up to us--each of us--to discover on our own. Unlocking their mysteries becomes part of our personal journeys. Meditation often holds the key.

Blessings and love,




Life Always Offers Us More Chances

While these magnificent little buds begin their bloom this September--the ninth month of a nine year--they gently remind us that it’s never too late for anything. 

Opening our hearts to life, love, and the possibility of new directions can bring enormous transformation.

It's never too late, at any age, to succeed in our journeys, find love and/or a fresh beginning.

We can always change what we need to, as long as we believe in ourselves and have faith in what we're doing.

It's never too late for more chances...

Life always offers you a second chance. It’s called tomorrow.

Blessings and love,