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Trust the Process

The Twin Flame journey is a process designed to deepen our self-awareness, open our heart, and expand our soul.

This process is not something we consciously choose to experience, nor does it begin with, or because of, one specific partner.

Some believe the journey is designed for us before we are born, while others feel it is chosen, in our teenage years, by our own subconscious.

Throughout the Twin Flame journey, which starts by seeking out "the one", we experience various attractions and/or relationships that show us different aspects of ourselves and that help us balance our masculine and feminine energies.

Putting it more precisely, the process of the journey increases our capacity for embodying the vibrations of our authentic self, and the attractions/relationships that we experience along the way assist us in arriving at an open place in our heart where we begin to feel a deeper compassion for all.

Every one of these attractions/relationships mirrors an instance or aspect of our authentic self, meaning that in each of them exists a part of us through which we learn to ground our authenticity and understand those natural and untamed elements of our self that may have puzzled us in the past.

As we come into alignment with these various parts of our psyche, we create a greater capacity for energy exchange and begin to tap into the energy of our true Twin Soul/Flame:

"You begin to embody your Beloved (twin flame) and you realize the Love you feel is your Self." ~ Claire Heartsong

We may wish to continue to experience the Twin Soul/Flame in spirit or we might decide to meet and engage in relationship and union with a resonating soul—a person of the same Twin Flame frequency. Whatever our choice may be, it is important to understand that we must trust our process and continually work on improving and maintaining our alignment, our frequencies, and our feeling of oneness.

Blessings and love,



The Other Half of Your Soul

"The other half of your soul" is a phrase used by many to describe a Twin Soul or Twin Flame experience.These words, originated by Plato, perfectly describe the feeling; however, the phrase itself is figurative.

A Twin Soul is a resonating soul—someone who "vibes" exactly like you. You might be from vastly different backgrounds and look completely different from each other. Some even say that you might not even be born of or in the same timeline.

Whatever the case might be, your psyche, which includes your reactions to situations and your emotional make-up, will be very much the same...

"The meeting with your twin soul (Twin Flame) is, first and foremost, a psychic process, whereby the higher part of you attracts its complementary part. When you have finally established the connection, you feel him or her there, living inside you. If you truly wish to find your twin soul, begin by not going looking for them. Concentrate on the light, and your twin soul will come of their own accord, attracted by the light they see shining from you. You may not know where your twin soul is, but they know where you are. Be content just to wait inwardly: they will come."

Blessings and love,




November's Supermoon 

Never underestimate the power of the moon.

11/11's Love Portal energies will be amplified through the second supermoon of the Nine year when November's moon rises between the 14th and 15th. 

Symbolically, the moon represents our inner world—our intuition, our desires, our fantasies, and our dreams—and it increases the energy we feel towards them.

This full moon is the brightest and the closest to the earth since 1948, making it even more important for us to keep our energy positive and our vibrations high.  

Blessings and love,



11/11 of a Nine Year

Unifying energies are beginning to rise.

November 11th, 2016 (11/11/9 (2+1+6)) presents a unique gateway—an energetic opportunity for us to personalize these strong energies and ground them into our relationships and other aspects of our lives.

Tomorrow, keep your distractions low and meditate on letting go of the emotions that no longer serve you and that may be blocking you from the peace and union you desire.

1:11 am., 11:11 am., 1:11 pm., and 11:11 pm., in your respective time zones, are the most powerful times to meditate tomorrow. However, if that's not possible, any other time during the day or night will benefit you, too.

Keep a journal on hand and allow your wishes and questions to lead you into your meditations, which should be thirty to forty minutes long, so be sure to create a warm comfortable—cozy— space where you'll be able to sit without interruption.

Blessings and love,



Harmonic Balance

One of the most important things to understand about Twin Souls/Twin Flames is the relationship between a person's inner masculine and feminine energies.

For instance, realizing divine union proves difficult for those of us who have too much feminine energy. Why? One reason I often see is that people who are out of balance energetically, with too much feminine energy, tend to idolize their partners, prospective partners, and relationships. In other words, they feel lost without them and therefore have a hard time attaining harmonic balance. Harmonic balance is holding yourself at the same level as the "other," not basing your self-worth or identity on someone else. While too much feminine energy can cause this imbalance and block the path to union, focusing on the self is the remedy. If you want to know your Twin Soul, first get to know your own soul:

Discover Thyself;

Honor Thyself;

Know your worth.

Blessings and love,