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Divine Connections

The first time I met my husband I knew he was the man I was going to marry.
Right after speaking to him for thirty or forty minutes, a little voice suddenly spoke to me and said, "The search is over." And we've been together ever since.

A divine connection is a preordained match, one supported by the Universe, and one that is attached to the highest calling of our destiny.

We all have divine connections.The Universe brings us the right people when we are ready to receive them, but we have no control over the way they will unfold. They are brought to us divinely; therefore, they expand the way they're meant to, no matter what we think or do. All we can really do is be present for them, present enough to sense them by living in the moment, as much as possible, and by not having preconceived notions of what these connections should "look like." We can't force divine connections. But, like I said, if we remain present and open hearted, we can sense them; and, sometimes we are even able to sense them right before they arrive...

Divine connections have four clear signs:

1. Whenever you're with them, you feel a flow of magic, like the energy in the room has suddenly become more positive, more comfortable, and lighter.

2. The person leads you, or is connected, to your life purpose and mission.

3. They are motivating you in your life purpose and mission.

4. They are always encouraging you.


Like all relationships, divine connections won't be without challenges, but they will always make you feel supported, safe, and loved.

Blessings and love,




The Adverse Effects of Chasing

The process of chasing has negative effects on both men and women.

When someone is fervently chasing, they're often disrespected, resented, or maligned by the object of their attention. It may seem insensitive and cruel, but we must remember that it's energy--energy responding to energy.

You see, a chaser's energy doesn't cry out, "I love you." Instead, a chaser's energy says, "I want control." Hence, control is dominating love and trust, which is why the more people are chased the more they tend to run.

Again, it's an energy dynamic. So, if you feel that your Twin Soul partner is running from you, assess your polarity. Are you in any way attracting this behavior through chasing? If so, let the chasing go; change it and change your polarity.

Because chasing signifies control, it becomes a characteristic of the inner masculine, not the inner feminine as is often misunderstood. As such, balancing this inner masculine quality with your inner feminine energy will allow you to take back some of your authentic power and help you emit the right vibes-- the vibes necessary to transform your relationship.

Blessings and love,

Twin Soul Union and the Unhealed Inner Child

A Twin Soul Union is made up of two souls of like-energy and almost identical soul signatures. 

Souls are androgynous. However, when incarnated, they identify as male or female; and, as such, they often hold more of one of the two energies.

For instance, one might think that if a person is a woman her soul will hold more feminine energy; but, as in "The Power of Twin Soul Love," that would be a misconception. It is not always the case.

Just like a man's soul can hold more feminine energy than masculine, a woman can have more masculine energy running through her. Also, when someone is extremely sensitive or overly empathetic (to the point where it becomes projection), one might suspect an influx of feminine energy, but actually it is more likely that their over-sensitivity or frequent upset feelings are the result of the person's unhealed inner child.

In many perceived Twin Soul partnerships, an unhealed inner child in one or both partners can be the biggest obstacle toward physical union. 

The cry we hear from deep in our hearts, says Thich Nhat Hanh, comes from the wounded child within. And healing that injured inner child transforms our relationships.

We formed our relationship with ourselves early on in childhood. Many of us learned about love from our parents and/or people who were suffering from their own unhealed childhood wounds.

Most likely throughout our lives we continued to attract those with wounded inner children, and, as a result, we went on to build more ego layers and defense mechanisms in order to protect our hearts and souls.

When we meet our Twin Soul or a Twin Soul Catalyst (more often than not there is a difference; in my case it was a Catalyst that brought my attention to my unhealed inner child), we sometimes find ourselves puzzled by our behavior toward them. Long buried feelings of "not being good enough" suddenly come back.

It is important to realize that as much as our inner child is hurting, we also have an inner parent that is capable of healing it. And just like any good parent, our inner mom or dad needs to "see" their wounded child and then nurture it--love it--back to health.

Blessings and love,



Navigating the Twin Flame Energy

The Twin Flame energy is a part of us that is not necessarily awakened by a physical partner. Often, it is a part of ourselves that we need to explore, through our inner world, on our own.

The meeting with your twin soul (Twin Flame) is, first and foremost, a psychic process, whereby the higher part of you attracts its complementary part. When you have finally established the connection, you feel him or her there, living inside you. If you truly wish to find your twin soul, begin by not going looking for them.

Concentrate on the light, and your twin soul will come of their own accord, attracted by the light they see shining from you. You may not know where your twin soul is, but they know where you are. Be content just to wait inwardly: they will come. 

Only those who have had them can understand them. Always being disappointed, always looking for someone and not finding them! You think, “Ah, this is the one.” And then, after a while, you realize it isn’t. So, perhaps it’s someone else? And so it goes on, until you realize you have your twin soul within. And from then on, you find it..." - O. M. Aivanhov 

Through tools such as Visualization, Active Imagination, Writing, Drawing, and, most of all, Meditation, we can call upon that energy anytime. However, like a physical Twin Flame partner, that energy can become consuming. 

When we connect to our Twin Flame energy, and begin to recognize it, we can become as attached to it as if it were a physical Twin Flame partner, because in both cases, we are discovering an alternate reality--a little bit of heaven on earth--and our appetite for it becomes insatiable. But, whether it is the energy alone, or accompanied by a physical partner, too much of it can lower our vibration, remove us from the present moment, knock us off our path, and separate us from others.

The energy itself is eternal. In other words, it never stops flowing. We don't have to worry about it going away; and, when we come to recognize that same energy in another person--a physical Twin Flame--we also come to understand that true love binds. Our partners never leave us, either. We're always connected to them, through energy, in life and beyond.

Balancing the Twin Flame energy so that we don't veer off track and so that it may manifest into a healthy, loving relationship with our self and a physical partner, requires us to let to go, moment by moment, in trust. At the same time, it also entails us to be present in all areas of our life and pay as much attention to the world around us as we do to the one inside us.

Blessings and love,



Ethereal Feelings

Sudden unprovoked energetic waves of love, comfort, protection, and peace, such feelings are common to those who are quiet enough (inside) to sense them. 

We could be meditating, looking out a window, or even doing dishes, when suddenly a beautiful feeling of happiness envelopes us. Slowly we succumb to it. We bathe in its warmth and realize that this feeling was sent to us for a reason.

Ethereal feelings, formless impressions, the reasons we receive them will differ, so it's important not to label them. Be receptive without blocking their flow. Don't get too attached to them, either. Support them without boxing them. Think of them as someone who will hurt and weaken if constrained. Let them come and go. And, eventually, they will manifest themselves into your life in the most glorious ways.

Blessings and love,