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When we embark on a spiritual journey, be it Twin Flame or another path, we begin to experience waves of divine energetic bliss, and we think, Oh My God, we are fixed. Whatever ailed us has healed. And this bliss will go on forever.

But then the bliss begins to wane. We don't feel it as strongly, or at all. We realize that it doesn't last forever and we wonder if any of it was real.

What we don't understand, when this first happens, is that it is totally normal. In every journey comes a lull—a hollow time—where we experience periods of emptiness and barrenness.

It seems that, during these times, nothing is happening, but actually a lot is in process, because it is in the empty times that the universe is asking us to take a break while it works behind the scenes on our behalf. 

That being the case, during a "lull," we must let go of any and all attachment to our journey and make space for more light to come through.  

Concentrating on our self—endeavoring to increase our self-care—becomes paramount at these times.

Eating healthy, drinking lots of water, exercising regularly, and getting plenty of rest;

acknowledging and embracing our feelings and distancing our self from toxic situations;

reading, writing, drawing, taking pictures, praying, and meditating—meditating gently—removing focus from our energy points—our chakras, as well as ceasing all energy work, if possible;

assists the divine to work its plan. 

These lulls will happen from time to time, but slowly they'll be less uncomfortable, for, slowly, we will gain more trust. 

Blessings and love,




Recently I received a message from a friend of my Facebook page, saying that she often reads about stages, phases, and signs concerning Twin Soul/Flame unions and relationships, but rarely does she encounter information about what Twin Soul love feels like when two like-souls are in alignment, when they are in actual union.

For many, it could be difficult to put a connection as strong as what they feel with their Twin Soul into words. As far as soul feelings are concerned, often there aren't any words.

In my case, a descriptive comes to mind:


My Twin Soul union feels like I'm living in a field of grace that's given me insight and understanding of our forever-present spiritual reality, and that in itself has transformed me.

I don't mean it feels like I'm constantly living in a bubble stage. As is conveyed in my upcoming "Betsey's Retreat," my divine inner masculine and divine inner feminine are not always in perfect balance; but, it's made me lighter... My heart has become more open and accepting and forgiving... Light gets in there more easily;energy flows more freely.

Blessings and love,



2016 in a Word

My 2016 word is GRATITUDE.

Personally, 2016 was a year filled with challenge and triumph. And, though the "winning" felt sweet, what I came to cherish the most were the relationships and things that remained unchanged and constant, i.e.:

my mother is well and driving us all crazy;

the relationship with my husband is close, loving, and strong;

many of my family and friends are still with me;

I have the freedom and health to do the things I love;

I have love, peace, and freedom in my heart.

William Faulkner somewhere said that “Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity; it must be produced and discharged and used up in order to exist at all.”

That sums up my year. How was yours? What is your 2016 word?



As 2017—a One year—draws near, it promises to continue from where the Nine year left off, with emphasis given to unification. 

Unification signifies the process of being united or made into a whole. Of course, many of us already know that we are whole, that we were born this way, with all our inner parts intact. So, what, then, will this process mean for us?

The answer is realization and alignment.

For us, the unification process of 2017 will signify a major shift in realization. As the days, weeks, and months go by, we will remove whatever masks remain and come to realize our wholeness at a deeper level. We will no longer hold others responsible for our completeness; and, as a result, we will become less influenced by outer factors and start to view our inner self and outer body as an entire masterpiece, handpicked by God—and we will treat it as such. At the same time, we will become more conscious of our inner light and come into greater alignment with our authenticity—with who we really are.

What does this process mean for Soul mates, Twin Souls, or Twin Flames?

2017's unification energy does not mean we will neglect our Twin Soul or our other connections. Quite the contrary. We will be driven closer to them and them to us, because we will reach a purer energetic level within ourselves. Self- limiting dogmas, labels, beliefs, attitudes, patterns, and behaviors will melt away, making room for us to approach and treat our connections in a whole new way, through deeper trust and truth.

All that is real will flourish.

Blessings and love,



BRINGING IN THE LOVE—The December 12th Portal

The 12/12 Portal of this 9 year opens the gates to higher love.

The Portal of 12/12 demonstrates the divine consciousness within us and grounds it forward into life. Full actualization of this wholeness begins from within. It is something all can experience.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience." - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

The process merges the divine with the human. This may not be immediately evident. However, it is happening, as a synthesis of the energy actualizes within us.

During the 12/12 Portal which remains open through to the Winter Solstice (on December 21st), we will be offered the opportunity to unite intimately in energy with our beloveds here or behind the veil and collectively with those who hold the vibration of peace and love.

Our souls are magnets slowly coming together.

Blessings and love,